Do small things with great love

The passion for giving presents on the14th of February is a bit upsetting and surreal to me.

All the ladies are on the clock waiting for the gift of their dreams. Husbands and boyfriends are banging the heads to find the perfect gift and generally going for something not quite right …

And the single ladies think that their life probably sucks on that special day called Valentine’s day.

What about other days? Still down no boyfriend in store? And you aged lovebirds? Nothing exciting no more… What about celebrating love and affection all year around, make each other feel great, be spontaneous, act with kindness and do small things with great love .


This is what the world needs the most: Love!




It doesn’t matter how you do it, or show it, with big or small gestures, the most important is to give and wait for nothing in return. There should be no special day for kindness! Smile at the one who needs it the most, a shy, sad or homeless person in the street, hold the door for someone, encourage others, call an old friend, be thankful…seek where there is little action but great power.

If you have someone special in your life, don’t wait for a special day to show him/her your love… go and grab some roses or her favourite perfume…Take your mom to a night out, make it special. Appreciate every little moment, live in the present. I love to go to the park and walk barefoot, feeling the breeze and fresh grass between my toes…it is so powerful and I feel rejuvenated.

Don’t celebrate love 1 day of the year, focus on what really matters .Show love in every aspect of your life and make it a daily habit. We often get lost in our routine selfishness. Focus on the giving not the receiving. Share and love deeply.

What’s your thoughts on valentine ‘s day ,share with me your plan, with your friends, family and lovers…