Cottage cheese pancakes

Start off your day right with this protein rich pancake stack and add some raspberries or blueberries on top; it tastes amazing!

The pancakes are fluffy, delicious and full of protein.

I never thought about adding cottage cheese to pancake batter until I went to Eastern Europe. They use cottage cheese in many of their traditional desserts, including pancakes. I was puzzled about it for a while, but after giving it a try, I have to say, these are very delicious, and you can’t even taste the cottage cheese. If this is news to you as well, bear with me and try this simple recipe. You won’t be disappointed. Some people add oats or blueberries in the batter and I’m sure it’s great, but this recipe is a very simple one. The only 3 main ingredients needed: eggs, cottage cheese and flour.

So if you are all about eating clean post workout, I’m pretty sure you will love this recipe.



3 eggs 1 cup cottage cheese

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

2 tablespoons honey or agave

1/2 cup flour

dash of salt





1.Mix all the dry ingredient in a bowl

2.Mix eggs, honey and cottage cheese

3.Whisk the dry ingredients in with the eggs

4.Heat the pan with some canola oil or vegetable oil

5.put the cottage cheese batter on the hot pan turn until each side is golden brown.

Eat well and make life tasty. Enjoy


Cottage cheese pancakes

Chocolate crepes

Chocolate Crepes filled with Kinder chocobons

Pankcake day sould become a monthly crepes celebration.

I feel like making crepes every weekend, you know, after a good run on a Sunday morning for example.

When you get back you just want to stuff your face with a good breakfast, especially on a Sunday which is like the day of guilty pleasures.

So for that reason this recipe is a bit more gourmet than my other ones that I have on the blog. Ohh yeah, I’ll go all in with this one. Who doesn’t like kinder ChocoBons? And they happen to be on sale now as Easter is approaching. Spread these melting bad boys in your crepes, add some extra nuts or whipped cream, mmm!!! I sent out the GUILTY PLEASURE WARNING above, so you know what you signed up for if you are reading this recipe…



Don’t panic, it’s nothing too complicated. This chocolate crepes recipe starts the same as making crepes, you just add melted chocolate to the batter. Same process, just more yummy!


300 ml of milk

40 g of butter 125 g flour 25 g cocoa powder or dark chocolate 70 % 3 eggs Pinch of salt 20 g of sugar

A bag of Kinder Chocobons (I usually melt about 10 small eggs)

Chopped nuts


1.Melt the Chocobons, then stir. 2.Make the pancake batter: mix the flour, cocoa, salt and sugar together in a bowl 2.Add the eggs one by one, then add the melted butter 3.Add milk and mix vigorously to dissolve all the lumps. 4.Heat the pan with a knob of butter, then spread a ladle of dough 5.Flip the crepes when it is cooked and starts to turn golden brown

6.Spread the ChocoBons in the crepes roll it enjoy the fact that you cannot resist what you created.


Recette Crepes


There is no special day to make a stack of pancakes where I’m from but as everyone at work is a planning to celebrate the Shrove Tuesday,

I decided to share with you my crepes recipe which is ultra light, thin, crispy with a twist of vanilla.

Crepes are basically pancakes. The ingredients are the same except in the end they come out thinner. I think what makes them special is the fact that they are so simple to make, and the ingredients are somehow always in your kitchen cupboard: flour, eggs, butter and milk…and I am pretty sure you too, have a pot of Nutella hiding somewhere, right? They are perfectly enjoyable at any time of the day. I love them in the morning with some bananas and strawberries.

I remember when I was younger I couldn’t make crepes at all. There was something about the process I couldn’t get right. The dough had lumps, they were too thick and when I fried them, they were sticking to the pan and I had to scrape them with my spatula. I found it sooo chaotic to make the crepes. But obviously now, in all modesty of course …I’m the queen of crepes.

Well enough said…let’s make some crepes!




Crepes:” Ultra light, thin and crispy vanilla crepes to enjoy anytime of the day, on Pancake day or all year around”


300 ml of whole milk (skim, if that is what u prefer)

125 g flour

50 g of butter

20 g caster sugar

3 eggs

1 pinch of salt

1 vanilla stick


1.Open the vanilla pod in 2, scrape the seeds, and put in a with the milk let the vanilla infuse

2.Beat the eggs and the sugar to a thick cream, add a pinch of salt

3.Add this mixture to the flour gradually, then the milk-butter mixture while whisking well.

4.Check the elasticity of the dough if is too thick add more milk.

5.Heat your pan and add a small knob of butter before cooking each crepes.

Serve with your favourite toppings, such as chocolate or jam, lemon and sugar.

There are no rules for crepes. Make it sweet, savoury, make it with white flour, buckweat flour or chick pea flour as an alternative. Lactose intolerants? don’t worry, add almond milk or simply water.

Hope you like this recipe, let me know what you think down below…