Chapter 2 of 12

Chapter 2 of the year already! It’s February and we must keep bringing those goals, so treat the beginning of every month like the beginning of every year. Set goals and crush ‘em!

Today I want to do a recap of my January achievements and focus on my February plan.

It helped me to make a review of what I achieved so far.

I am always perplexed by January and I always feel overwhelmed by the setting of goals, the stress to start the new year, the finances after Christmas…it is such a long month!

Well I am happy that January is over, and this is my ‘wrap-up’ of it.

-Start running twice a week

I started running twice a week for 30 minutes in a slow pace. It’s been very hard with the cold, the rain and the all-around miserable weather out there, but I did start.

I do a warm up first of 15 minutes of skipping and then jog for half an hour. The truth is I don’t like running but I have to get more active to achieve my goal and I have to push myself even when I don’t like it.

Manage to lose 1.5 kg

Smoothies in my first week of January! I re-introduced kale, spinach, and pineapple in my diet. Eat your greens, exercise and watch how quickly you’ll drop sizes.

I won’t lie to you, I  probably had 3 days when I had pizza and chocolate. But managed to get back out there and get rid of those calories. If I can do it, so can you!

-Cutting down sugar in the morning

Sugar is the biggest enemy that we have in our diet. It is really hard to quit so I decided to take it slow. I choose to not have any sweets for breakfast such as jam and butter on toast or any fruit yogurt. I swapped for avocados on toast, I made some homemade granola and I ate fresh fruit and cottage cheese.

As I said before I had few days where I couldn’t negotiate with myself and I had to have a few chocolate bars. I know, I know. I was not very proud of me on those days…

Rebuild my blog from scratch

I owe you an apology for not being in touch for a while. My blog has disappeared! I haven’t saved anything of mine as a back up so my recipes, photos, articles were all gone. I had to rebuild it. Re-install WordPress and my theme… And I am still working on it. Please be patient a little longer, everything will be back on track soon. I believe that the Universe has given me another chance to make it better this time around.

-Started a new Travel and Tourism course!

Well I’m starting 2018 as a student, yeaahhh! It’s been awhile since I was at school so I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully with my blog and the course I can be a better travel writer.

February goals for me include doing better, than I was in January. Fingers crossed, I would like to go running 3 times a week instead of 2. I’d like to cut sugar in the evening, after dinner especially. Write more, fill my blog with more content. Share more, love deeply…

What are your goals for February ? Let me know down below

2018 is Yours!

Surprised and nearly choked on the anti-resolution campaign with which people are welcoming the New Year on social media. The pessimistic anti-resolution maker will always try to put you in a box. Their own box. They think that resolutions don’t work.

Goals, intentions or resolutions do work if you consistently pursue hitting your target every day, by having faith in yourself and in your aim. And if it doesn’t work at first, stand back up and go again.

I believe that every new day gives you a chance to make it better so why not every New Year?

At the end of each year I review the achievements that I made over the past 12 months and start to focus on the new year that’s ahead, integrating the lessons that I learned, taking one step after another towards the goal every day. It doesn’t matter what methods you use and how fast you do it, the most important is to keep moving forward. The new year and the new you is real, you are the one who has to make it happen.

If you work hard and stay focused, 2018 will be yours.

So go on now, take a notepad and write down your 2 to 5 goals for this year and lets start working towards it. Believe you can do it. Don’t let there be a single doubt in your mind.

You are the only one who can make it happen. Be more social, surround yourself with positive friends, count your blessings, have fun, laugh. Your life can change in a second. Lets work on it together, let’s make it happen by being optimistic, happy and stress free.

Grab life by the ass and show it you can do it!

I believe in you and so should you.


So are you ready to challenge yourself? Happy NEW YOU? Do you feel like 2018 is going to be yours?


Start now!

2018 is yours
2018 is yours
Happy new year

Farewell 2017


2017, what an incredible year! I cannot believe it is over already. A few days ago I sat back and meditated. When I opened my eyes, it dawned on me what a year I had.

So many achievements, I have a hard time believing it myself because I’m so stuck on the things that I didn’t have a chance to finish..

Here are the things I managed to cross of my list for 2017:

-Go on a cruise before turning 30

-Start the blog

-Celebrate 30th birthday at home with the family

-Cut off the negative people in my life

-Move to the Big City

-Get a new job

-Celebrate the New Year in London

-Take Mom for her first visit across Europe

-Visit Scotland

There were so many ups and downs. I was very disappointed with failing the driving test 3 times, I hated my job and I was frustrated by not quite being able to reach my dream weight of 54kg.

Never mind that now!

If you focus on the good, the good gets better. It is without pride, but with much joy and determination that I say goodbye to 2017.

Tonight I’m raising my glass to ambition and hope for 2018.

Happy New Year to you all!

Happy new year
Happy new year

5 things that inspired me!

Life is a journey with obstacles, it is up to you to take control of how you react to events in your life. And this is where Inspiration comes in. We’ve all been through something really tough to overcome, but we got to keep moving forward. Inspiration and Motivation are fundamentally the same to me: Ideas Flowing so Take Action.

Today I decided to introduce you 5 things that inspired me.


1: Setting the goal

Write down your goal.

Writing down my goal certainly has a big impact on my life. It adds excitement, discipline, motivation to an everyday routine. So go and jot down your goal, you’ll be surprised by the result. This one small method can lead to a radical change of aspects.


2: Possibilities : Yes, I can

“The one who says “yes I can” is usually the one who gets the job and succeeds.” Alan Cohen.

Possibilities are tricky, the way they are hidden in every circumstances. You are the one who got the key to open them. For a long time I wanted to take boxing lessons, but I was shy, embarrassed to go to a gym class. Untill the point when I decided to take the risk and chose the place. The boxing club was packed with big muscular men, professional boxers. My first task was to skip, and I couldn’t, my boobies and my booty were jiggling and it was embarrassing. But I managed to step out of my comfort zone, lose 7 kg and I never felt better. Possibilities are endless, go and make it happen. Say it out loud with me and be proud: Yes I can.

Boxing results in 6 months boxing
Boxing result in 6 months boxing

Have a look on the link below where I train hard 3 times a week . 


3: Travel

When I feel stuck, I need to go away for a few days. Travelling is one of the best inspirations ever. It changes your perspective on life. Whether it is a beach escape, city break or a retreat you reconnect automatically with who you are. Travelling is surprising, a great way to come back stronger, fearless, and inspired. It’s certainly works for me.

4: Cooking

Cooking is great way for me to get inspired. I love being in the kitchen and create something new. Cooking is where I have no worries. All my focus, patience and passion connect.

5: Pinterest

Technology has never been better. We are living in a world where the internet is making revolutionary shifts. All these apps and social media are fascinating. Pinterest is one of my favourites, when I need some ideas that is where I’ll go. Home design or positive quotes, fashion tips… What else to ask for? This is my Pinterest if you want to follow my board.

This is the way I get inspired!

what about you? How do you get inspired?