Chapter 2 of 12

Chapter 2 of the year already! It’s February and we must keep bringing those goals, so treat the beginning of every month like the beginning of every year. Set goals and crush ‘em!

Today I want to do a recap of my January achievements and focus on my February plan.

It helped me to make a review of what I achieved so far.

I am always perplexed by January and I always feel overwhelmed by the setting of goals, the stress to start the new year, the finances after Christmas…it is such a long month!

Well I am happy that January is over, and this is my ‘wrap-up’ of it.

-Start running twice a week

I started running twice a week for 30 minutes in a slow pace. It’s been very hard with the cold, the rain and the all-around miserable weather out there, but I did start.

I do a warm up first of 15 minutes of skipping and then jog for half an hour. The truth is I don’t like running but I have to get more active to achieve my goal and I have to push myself even when I don’t like it.

Manage to lose 1.5 kg

Smoothies in my first week of January! I re-introduced kale, spinach, and pineapple in my diet. Eat your greens, exercise and watch how quickly you’ll drop sizes.

I won’t lie to you, I  probably had 3 days when I had pizza and chocolate. But managed to get back out there and get rid of those calories. If I can do it, so can you!

-Cutting down sugar in the morning

Sugar is the biggest enemy that we have in our diet. It is really hard to quit so I decided to take it slow. I choose to not have any sweets for breakfast such as jam and butter on toast or any fruit yogurt. I swapped for avocados on toast, I made some homemade granola and I ate fresh fruit and cottage cheese.

As I said before I had few days where I couldn’t negotiate with myself and I had to have a few chocolate bars. I know, I know. I was not very proud of me on those days…

Rebuild my blog from scratch

I owe you an apology for not being in touch for a while. My blog has disappeared! I haven’t saved anything of mine as a back up so my recipes, photos, articles were all gone. I had to rebuild it. Re-install WordPress and my theme… And I am still working on it. Please be patient a little longer, everything will be back on track soon. I believe that the Universe has given me another chance to make it better this time around.

-Started a new Travel and Tourism course!

Well I’m starting 2018 as a student, yeaahhh! It’s been awhile since I was at school so I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully with my blog and the course I can be a better travel writer.

February goals for me include doing better, than I was in January. Fingers crossed, I would like to go running 3 times a week instead of 2. I’d like to cut sugar in the evening, after dinner especially. Write more, fill my blog with more content. Share more, love deeply…

What are your goals for February ? Let me know down below