Road trip:Belgium to Slovakia

Road Trip: Belgium to Slovakia

Passport,booking reservation,snacks all check and off we go.It’s 6am and we’re taking the road for the channel tunnel at Folkestone,Dover.We are like the 3 musketeers on a mission in the car,all a bit sleepy but thrilled to go on a road trip.To wake us up,I decided to amp the music volume up.ATB 9pm is playing,a great song to start the day.To let you see the bigger picture though I shall start by telling you what happened a week before.For months I have been so excited about the trip.However,on Friday I had a session with my chiropractor and then to make matters worse instead of relaxing for a few days as one should,I was working my ass off Saturday and Sunday.As a result ,I couldn’t move my body,had to take few days off from work and I was stuck in bed for 3 days.Surely,not an ideal way to start my holidays.

So there I am,in the car struggling to find a comfortable position but still,I had set my mind up to have a good time.New song in the radio,En Vogue,oh great old girls group!Can’t think about the pain so I prepare for adventures.At 10:30 we arrived at the Channel tunnel and in just 25 minutes we landed on Continental Europe.Our first stop:

Bruges canal
Bruges Canal


Bruges: Bruges is one of the most beautiful and best-preserved medieval cities in Europe.Its historic centre is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and I can see why,the city is so wonderful with cobbled streets,criss-crossed by canals.It is the perfect stop for us to stretch our legs after all this sitting in the car.The town is great to explore on foot,so much to keep us busy.The city was so active,shops and cafes,restaurants ,all busy.We stop at Grote Markt see the beautiful Basilica of the Holy Blood,the guys were dehydrated and were looking forward to trying some of the 350 or more beers and I have been feeling bit nuts around all the chocolateries.Can’t say no to chocolate!Absolutely couldn’t resist the aphrodisiac smell.We found a great spot to eat and drink with a view on the Rozenhoedkaai ( canal with the belfry at the back).Meal of the day: Carbonade flamande and frites.This is a sweet and sour beef stew made with beer.Very traditionally Belgian,french flemish very nice indeed.

Fun fact:If you were wondering why Belgian frites are so good,it is because when they prepare the potatoes they don’t wash them,keeping the starch,making the frites less sticky after the first frying and yes the Belgian Frites are fried twice.There you are, little tips for you,that’s why there are so good.I think I am falling in love with everything here,the old bridges,beautiful parks,wonderful architecture.Bruges won my heart for sure! So romantic,with the horse carriages and the canal is like the perfect movie scene.Bruges is where the movie “In Bruges” takes place with Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson.There are many things to do to keep you busy , check it out here great post on Bruges  On the way back to the car park,I had to buy some more chocolate and some homemade speculoos (soo good) they are like ginger biscuit but with less ginger flavoured and it taste more like caramel ,you guys have to try it,trust me. Time for us to get back on the road.We drove around an hour and half to where we stayed overnight.We booked an apartment from Air bnb in a lovely location called Dilbeek, about 15 min from Brussels by car.I won’t mention much about the accommodation because i think we stayed in a Narcissistic /Psychopath/Misogyny man’s apartment.Arrive at the place where we decided to chill a little bit,so we decided to go to Brussels around 7pm we took the local bus where we had a nice sightseeing tour around.

Brussels by night
Brussels by night, Belgium

Brussels: The sun is still bright and so hot,arriving in town and we are so ready to have a nice cool beverage ,oh yeah,I’m so ready to enjoy my time here.The back pain won’t stop beer,waffles ,chocolate,and fries.Calories don’t count on holidays, right?

Brussels by night : The ambiance is beautiful,a walk at La Grand Place,a magnificent square to enjoy,day or night.It’s a typical tourist attraction so just the amount of spectators is impressive in itself.Brussels has so much history and culture.We walk through the old city centre,amazing place,great atmosphere.Brussels is a city not to be missed.We decided to head back to our accommodation so we sat in a taxi of a lovely driver,really welcoming and chatty ,and it cost 25 euros form Brussels to Dilbeek.Arriving at our temporary apartment ,we had some beers and a conversation with the owner on psychology and his wife.I’m definitely not gonna forget about him,I just wanted to play a Beyonce song around that table.How dare him! Blaming his wife and what women do in relationships,well guess what it takes two to play the narcissistic game.I had to keep calm ,I just wanted to get the hell out from his apartment.Don’t forget that we were having some drinks and the guy was completely transforming right there,in front of our eyes into a crazy and impulsive caractere.So that’s where we decided it was best to call it a night and go to sleep.Next morning,we were still alive thanks god,so we drove off ASAP and after few minutes of driving away from his flat,we all managed to laugh about it,he made us all paranoid that night.He sure provided the entertainment for the whole day ahead…

Drove to the nearly Petrol station where we had some nice brunch ,consisting of fresh smoothies and some freshly baked savoury goods.When I’ve started to feel better guess what: hay fever strikes me!Yes,different plants and trees here,you get the picture: backache and hay fever huuu try not to sneeze…

Stuttgart: We drove for about 4 hours to stuttgart where we had a few hour break.This city is bustling with activities and it is always worth a short tour.Then we were back on the road,headed to the region of Bavaria.

Collage road trip
Road trip: Belgium to Slovakia

Fussen: The route to Fussen passing through the heart of Bavaria provides the perfect opportunity to drive through a series of picturesque towns and castles.Temperature is cool around here,the surrounding scenery is for me just unbelievable.An absolutely stunning view of the alps,which is well worth a visit.So if you like nature,hiking,bicycle,camping and you’re looking for somewhere nice to go,this is the right place for you.Here is some great information on Fussen



A bit further,about just 10 min away you will find the fabulous place called:

Schwangau:This is the place where I want to retire.What a lovely charming peaceful romantic village,a place like this I only saw in movies before.Yes guys don’t forget that I ‘m a Creol girl.


We stayed in a lovely traditional family penzion,but we arrived too late for dinner so we went out.We couldn’t find anything else other then pizza and many places are cash only,i was really disappointed by that.But after a few minute walk,we finally found a restaurant with traditional German food.Sausages,sauerkraut and beer for everyone,on top of which I added a black forest gateau slice.(hey you know me) Belly full, and eyelids getting heavier we were on the way back to our lodging,we had the chance to admire the magnificent piece of art,the one and only Neuschawstein Castle.We decided we cannot leave here without getting another glimpse of the fabulous,impressive castle.So after a brief discussion,we all agreed to stay an extra night.I saw nothing wrong with making changes to the schedule.This was an adventure after all, where you get lost,tired and plans change but of course always for the better.



Neuschawstein Castle: Do not miss the chance to see and explore this very special castle.No doubts about why Walt Disney modelled Sleeping Beauty’s castle of this one.There are various ways to get to the top like buses,horse drawn carriages but it is best to get there on foot.I have been dreaming on Pinterest for years watching photos,and article on this marvellous castle,and i cannot believe I am here but shhhhh can’t say too much ,more stories coming on Neuschawstein Castle on my next post.

Road trip Belgium to Slovakia
Road trip: Belgium to Slovakia( Bruges, Brussels,Neuschanstein castle)


Next morning off we go again,starting 9 hours drive Germany to Bratislava ,a long journey ahead of us.We made several stops through Austria.Splendid views,lakes,massive forest surroundings.We stopped to have some lunch Schnitzel and strudel on the menu,all sounded very good.The scenery started changing along the way.A little more rustic landscape is ahead of us.We have to stop to but stickers for the highway and to put some fuel in the car.


Slovakia:Ater a long drive ( I thought it will never be over)pain in the bum,tiredness,red eyes but we are finally here to stay and spend the holidays with friends and family.Here is our final stop where I’m gonna discover the rustic beauty of Slovakia,so i will keep you posted of my most surprising discoveries.

Bardejov ,Slovakia


Kilometres: 2300

Cost fuel: £250

Channel Tunnel:£100

Vignettes Tax Road :£30


Road trips are adventurous,spontaneous and surprising .You never know where is your next stop.That YOLO feeling is right there!They said if nothing happens,travel to make things happen.Well make things happen with a Road trip,go out there with friends,find your perfect team and make the most of it.You can make jokes,and laugh and put some good music,find great topics to talk about.You probably will be arguing sometimes,or you might want to smash your navigation GPS but this is what is making it so memorable so make the most of it and have fun.

Share with me your experiences on a Road trip!



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    Keep up the amazing work that u do on this blog Lindsay 🤗. it totally gets me and also can imagine how much fun u had on the road 🤗🤗🤗

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      Thank you Anna,hope you like the road trip experience.There are more to come .Stay tuned girl!

  2. minoche

    ressent la tranquilité du paysage sur ces photos. Magnifique

    1. Lindsay

      Merci Minoche,et oui c’est super magnifique je ne suis pas prête d’oublier cette experience. C’est ici en allemagne que j’aimerais bien y vivre.

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    Salut cafrine. C’est bien raconté, en plus ça donne envie de partir à l’aventure. Continue de vivre de folle aventure sur les routes d’Europe. BAM BAM

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      Grand merci Bastien.La vie est une adventures avec pleins de surprises.Alors Il faut vivre jusqu’au bout.!

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