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Winter rhythm with hot chocolate and pj’s all day.

And pjs all day also means Netflix and chill. I love these nice and warm winter days. After my trip to St Lucia last year, I managed to bring back some raw cocoa with me.

St Lucia is one of the top destination for chocolate lovers. Cocoa plantation and a world heritage, St Lucia has been a cocoa producer for centuries.

Raw Cocoa is very strong, rich and flavourful.

Here is a the recipe for perfect Chantilly coco:

                        Ingredients for the cream:

·       150 ml double cream

·       2 tsp powdered sugar

·       a drop of vanilla extract

·       1tbsp of natural coconut aroma

Ingredients for the hot chocolate:

·       Hot water

·       1/2tbsp of raw cocoa

·       1tbsp of brown sugar or honey

·       whole milk

Combine all the ingredients for the coco Chantilly in a bowl and beat the cream until you get fluffy stiff peak on the whisk. Leave in the fridge.

Boiled water add cocoa and sugar and stir with a spoon.

Filter in the mug of your choice. Add desired amount of hot milk .

Add the Chantilly cream on top of the hot chocolate, sprinkle a little of chocolate on top and enjoy with a nice piece of cake .

What’s your favourite hot chocolate drink? marshmallow ? any syrup? share with me your ideas and tips…

Hot cocoa
Hot cocoa


  1. leumas erilad

    I would like to try this . thanks for your recipes


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