Dartmouth Steam railway

Journey Back in time on the Dartmouth Steam Railway,England



Dartmouth Harbour
Dartmouth Harbour


Ahhh Dartmouth ,we meet again .Dartmouth and I,we go way back ohhh yes.This is the town where I’ve first let go of my luggage in 2008: straight from my Island to Dartmouth

The memories of my arrival at Totnes train station are crystal clear to this day.I was completely lost,cold and wet I could barely speak English.Years have passed and I’m still here,stronger than never.I grow,I learn and what is most important,I survive.Life is too short to be lived in one place alone.Go on an adventure,people,go out there and see the world! Today I am taking you on a tour to the Dartmouth Steam Railway.


Sunday afternoon,The sun is au rendez-vous so I planned a nice journey on aboard of the steam train.http://www.dartmouthrailriver.co.uk/tours/steam-train-and-ferry.

Most of us love trains.The sound of the locomotive,the whistle of the air horn,they all bring back good old days.There is something about it,the nostalgia is in the air.It is interesting to see the faces of the passengers,children full of excitement,some taking pictures and some old fellas sitting there,quietly enjoying the picturesque landscape.I didn’t want to miss a thing either.



Dartmouth steam railway
Dartmouth steam railway
Dartmouth Steam Railway
Dartmouth Steam Railway


The train runs for 6 miles between Paignton and Kingswear with the sea on the left and the river on the right with excellent view on the valley of Dart.And choochoo once and choochoo twice ,I suddenly forgot my little problems and just enjoyed my journey.I guess that is why the steam railway is so special.I arrived at Kingswear and crossed the river Dart by ferry .

Dartmouth was packed,people were everywhere.OH surprise! the Dartmouth music festival was on!Even better.What a day! What an optimistic day ,should I say.Happy atmosphere,great music with a pint of cider in hand: life is great.What’s not to like? Nice walk,some shopping and a great find, a little french bakery in Victoria Road street.I had to stop by to enjoy a nice coffee and eclair and buy some macarons for my journey back.

Unfortunately ,my day was coming to an end as I had to catch the last train at 5pm but what a fabulous experience.It’s a must for anyone visiting the area!


Have you been on a steam railway ? Tell me where and what was your experience like? Have you ever been in Dartmouth?


Dartmouth collage
Dartmouth Town,England



  1. Agnes

    How an interesting journey I must say. Well IIke your wording too… I will carry some with me.

  2. Chelf

    I have never been on a steam railway but it sure looks retro cool!

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