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How to spring back from hay fever


Hello Spring and eff off hay fever!Yes ,spring is in the air and so is pollen.

Spring season brings everything back to life: sunlight,daffodils,romance and everyone around us seems to be happier which,needless to say,is the perfect time of saying good bye to winter.So today I want to introduce how to spring back from hay fever .

Dame nature knows what we like,She is giving us the energy that we’ve been waiting for so instinctively ,we want to move,go biking, feel the green grass between your  toes or making some changes in our home like,spring clean,or clean out the garden.We suddenly feeling la joie de vivre again.

While many people enjoying  themselves in the outdoors activities ,for those of us suffering from hay fever,similar stories acquire a twist.There is hope though and it can come in a form that is kind to your wallet as well.<

Natural remedies
Natural remedies

Hay fever affects millions of people including moi.Sneezing,itching eyes,tiredness,all those symptoms can be really disturbing.So here’s how to spring back from hay fever.

Honey: Choose honey from your local area.Only a spoonful a day will build your immunity gradually.Try it on some lovely toasted crumpets (yummy).

Nettle:What a powerful plant this is!Tonic,anti-allergenic,anti-rheumatic, nutritive and the list goes on and on…Used as a normal tea,it is super effective at uh..ahhh choo moments(bless you).

Essential oils:Tarragon,thyme or lavender:I love these essential oils.They calm and soothe.Use a drop or two on your handkerchief or simply inhale straight from the bottle it will clear your sinuses very simple and fast acting.

Camomile tea bags:For itching eyes and redness try applying(soaked and cooled down) tea bags on your eyes for 10 min.(just make sure you are not allergic to chamomile first!)

If you go outdoors make sure after coming back home to take a shower and wash your hair.Stay away from the countryside,wear sunglasses in the morning as hay fever strikes between 5am to 11am and close your windows shut at that time of the day…There are many ways to reduce and prevent the symptoms so make sure you utilise them.I know that there is all kind of tablets and nasal products that are supposed to be good for hay fever but be aware of the side effects.The products I mentioned are 100% natural and effective and you don’t have to spend a fortune at the store.

There you have it!

My way to take spring back from hay fever

Do you have hay fever?What’s your routine to beat the symptoms? Feel free to let me know down in the comments section.