Infused Water

Flush your toxins with Infused Water

Infused water
Infused water


Infused water is vibrant ,colourful,packed with nutrients to flush your toxins and to boost health.Are you thinking of a starting a spring body cleanse? Infused water is the only drink you need to add in your diet and  right now.Water is good but infused fruit is what gives water an instant kick of flavour.It’s such a simple idea but so effective and delicious.

Everyone has heard the advice”drink at least 2 Liters  of water a day”.But few of us actually do and to make matters worse,many are addicted to caffeine,others  for  sugary beverages or alcohol. By adapting some little changes in our daily routine we can improve our immune system and our mind.

I know that during the hot days we all fancy a nice, cold fizzy, drink .It taste good and it’s refreshing but the truth is, those are high in sugar and calories.

I have to say that I was pretty impressed after I discovered the solution that I find best:Infused water.

I always have a bottle with me.It keep me hydrated ,it reduces my cravings for sweet – all those crazy bananas moments- and also I am less bloated.If you are interested in method to cleanse your body naturally click here you’ll find some great information.

By flushing your toxins with infused water you promote elimination through the intestines,kidneys,and skin .

Infused water

Come on no more excuses ,summer is on his way so let’s switch to better habits and mindset,time to skip the soda and make your own natural fruit flavour drink.Drinking infused water cleanse your body but does not burn fat .There is no magic here,if you want to burn fat you have to be more active ,so why not push you body that extra step and add some hit workout in your routine.Plank or burpees are really effective to get rid of the love handles.

Infused water
Infused water

What I love with Infused water is that there is no rules, no limit you can mix and match ingredients that you fancy.Give your water a makeover with tons of fruits,herbs or seed all packed with nutrients,vitamins and minerals.But enough about that…let’s infuse it shall we!

Infused water recipes
Infused water recipes


The Mary Berries


The Mango Boost


The Green One


The Skin Glow

Aloe Vera+ Grapefruit+Chia Seed

Citrus Fever



1.Add all the ingredients/plants in the jar ,slightly mash and breakdown the fruit .This helps release the natural extract .

2.Add water or sparkling water.

3.Leave for few few hours or overnight in fridge.

4.Guilt free! So enjoy

I love all these ingredients mixed together,they taste so good and refreshing.Infused Water is wonderful to drink at any time of day especially when the sun is shinning.With all this goodness your body will feel,revitalise,hydrate and satisfy .

Have a go,try it, comments and share with me your ideas below!






  1. Tanyi Melvis Bechemnyo

    I absolutely love this post. I’ve never tried the infused water therapy for cleansing. I always drink warm water morning and evening and I Must say the results are amazing. I’ll try this therapy too.

    1. Lindsay

      Thank you Tanyi Iam happy you like it.Please give your water a makeover a let me know what you think.take care

  2. mario

    Im very happy to see so good blogger .. wish u the best.. Mario

    1. Lindsay

      Thank you Mario,I’m glad you like it!

  3. Mishelle Milne

    Infused water is one of my favourite summer drinks, with all the fresh and healthy fruit and vegetables in season.

    1. Lindsay

      Oh yes ,I love it ,great for all seasons and really good for children party.thank you Mishelle

  4. Nikki

    I never knew there were so many health benefits to what you infused the water with. I guess I never thoguth about it! I just knew drinking the water was good for you! i’m going to have to try some of these instead of my plain lemon water! ps-I love your pictures and the font on this blog! super super cute!

    1. Lindsay

      Thank you so much Nikki,Please have a go and experiment some new taste.I am a huge fan of infused water.Keep me hydrated all day long.

  5. Faisal

    It looks really great!

    1. Lindsay

      Thank you Faisal,Hope you like it!

  6. AQ's Corner

    This is the perfect article for me. I’m attempting to get back in shape and this will come in handy!

    1. Lindsay

      Yes Indeed,just go for it,summer is on his way so let’s get started shall we? smash it girl

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