Molton Brown ! Molton Who?

Molton who? She says…

Well, let’s talk about it. Molton Brown is an Iconic a la British Brand offering a wide variety of luxury products. From skincare to candles, the choices are endless. I have been in love with their products for years.

Last week I did some Christmas shopping with my friend when I come across the Molton Brown shop and this is where my friend asked me who Molton Brown was? She certainly was not inspired by the range of bath and shower gels, perfumes and candles.

She was like “£20.00 for a shower gel? No way!”

Molton Brown
Molton Brown


Well I decided to try their new, limited edition Vintage with Elderflower.

I must admit, I wasn’t impressed either.

Gold and sparkle looking good on the bottle, I decided to treat myself on Christmas Day with nice festive ‘bauble’ bath. I had everything ready: bath, salt and a glass of white wine and some candles going.

At first I thought it had a nice smell of citrus, but the aroma was gone very quickly and so were the bubbles. I was left with nothing in the bath and just kept adding the bath gel in the water and it kept disappearing.

Normally I use the eucalyptus or gingerlilly bath gel after which my skin is left with a great lasting scent. I feel relaxed and revived in the tub full of lovely fragrance. But this one, Vintage with Eldelflower, made specially for Christmas, is not great value at all.

Sorry Molton Brown, you ain’t got me hooked on that one.


Have you used Molton Brown before? What’s your favourite? Have you tried the new Christmas vintage one? Let me know what you think!