Do small things with great love

The passion for giving presents on the14th of February is a bit upsetting and surreal to me.

All the ladies are on the clock waiting for the gift of their dreams. Husbands and boyfriends are banging the heads to find the perfect gift and generally going for something not quite right …

And the single ladies think that their life probably sucks on that special day called Valentine’s day.

What about other days? Still down no boyfriend in store? And you aged lovebirds? Nothing exciting no more… What about celebrating love and affection all year around, make each other feel great, be spontaneous, act with kindness and do small things with great love .


This is what the world needs the most: Love!




It doesn’t matter how you do it, or show it, with big or small gestures, the most important is to give and wait for nothing in return. There should be no special day for kindness! Smile at the one who needs it the most, a shy, sad or homeless person in the street, hold the door for someone, encourage others, call an old friend, be thankful…seek where there is little action but great power.

If you have someone special in your life, don’t wait for a special day to show him/her your love… go and grab some roses or her favourite perfume…Take your mom to a night out, make it special. Appreciate every little moment, live in the present. I love to go to the park and walk barefoot, feeling the breeze and fresh grass between my toes…it is so powerful and I feel rejuvenated.

Don’t celebrate love 1 day of the year, focus on what really matters .Show love in every aspect of your life and make it a daily habit. We often get lost in our routine selfishness. Focus on the giving not the receiving. Share and love deeply.

What’s your thoughts on valentine ‘s day ,share with me your plan, with your friends, family and lovers…

Chapter 2 of 12

Chapter 2 of the year already! It’s February and we must keep bringing those goals, so treat the beginning of every month like the beginning of every year. Set goals and crush ‘em!

Today I want to do a recap of my January achievements and focus on my February plan.

It helped me to make a review of what I achieved so far.

I am always perplexed by January and I always feel overwhelmed by the setting of goals, the stress to start the new year, the finances after Christmas…it is such a long month!

Well I am happy that January is over, and this is my ‘wrap-up’ of it.

-Start running twice a week

I started running twice a week for 30 minutes in a slow pace. It’s been very hard with the cold, the rain and the all-around miserable weather out there, but I did start.

I do a warm up first of 15 minutes of skipping and then jog for half an hour. The truth is I don’t like running but I have to get more active to achieve my goal and I have to push myself even when I don’t like it.

Manage to lose 1.5 kg

Smoothies in my first week of January! I re-introduced kale, spinach, and pineapple in my diet. Eat your greens, exercise and watch how quickly you’ll drop sizes.

I won’t lie to you, I  probably had 3 days when I had pizza and chocolate. But managed to get back out there and get rid of those calories. If I can do it, so can you!

-Cutting down sugar in the morning

Sugar is the biggest enemy that we have in our diet. It is really hard to quit so I decided to take it slow. I choose to not have any sweets for breakfast such as jam and butter on toast or any fruit yogurt. I swapped for avocados on toast, I made some homemade granola and I ate fresh fruit and cottage cheese.

As I said before I had few days where I couldn’t negotiate with myself and I had to have a few chocolate bars. I know, I know. I was not very proud of me on those days…

Rebuild my blog from scratch

I owe you an apology for not being in touch for a while. My blog has disappeared! I haven’t saved anything of mine as a back up so my recipes, photos, articles were all gone. I had to rebuild it. Re-install WordPress and my theme… And I am still working on it. Please be patient a little longer, everything will be back on track soon. I believe that the Universe has given me another chance to make it better this time around.

-Started a new Travel and Tourism course!

Well I’m starting 2018 as a student, yeaahhh! It’s been awhile since I was at school so I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully with my blog and the course I can be a better travel writer.

February goals for me include doing better, than I was in January. Fingers crossed, I would like to go running 3 times a week instead of 2. I’d like to cut sugar in the evening, after dinner especially. Write more, fill my blog with more content. Share more, love deeply…

What are your goals for February ? Let me know down below

What to love about February ?

February has been associated with romance and called the month of love! It is funny because February is freezing cold, dark and short for most of us. I’m intrigued by the fact that people officially conclude that it is the most romantic time of the year.

Well I guess that is because Cupid is supposed to be flying around on Valentine’s Day! Or because both a fierce winter and a cosy atmosphere is appreciated more with a love affair! Everything starts with love and I’m ready to start February with love!

So here is what to love about February

January is over:

Ching ching.. It’s finally Pay day after 31 days. It’s been way too long. I could not wait for January to be over!

Cold but sunny:

a few more weeks and spring is on the way. Look on the bright side, the sun is already shining more.

28 days only:

Hell yeah! The shortest month of the year! What else can I say?

Cancer day:

 4th of February is World Cancer Day.

This is a day to bring awareness and education about the illness. I have some members of my family who were taken too soon and some who are still affected by the awful condition. It is a subject that is very important to me. Just give your support, love and provide help to others. There are so many activities on World Cancer Day to participate in, such as marathons, concerts…So don’t forget every little contribution will help to beat cancer sooner!


Nutella Day:

 5th of February we celebrate the world famous chocolate spread Nutella. Enjoy your yourself but don’t get as nuts as the French did a few weeks ago. Yeah, Nutella was at huge discount .It was all over the news, there were fights in the supermarkets for jars of Nutella. Imagine that!

Mardi Gras festivities:

As a child I used to love Mardi Gras, in fact I still do. I remember being at school, making all sort of fancy dress out of cardboard. There was always a fair, too. And the bonbons that we had at school, the crepes, beignets, cakes… Good times back then. It’s different for me now, but I really wish to spend Mardi Gras in New Orleans one day. I hear there is another level to it there…(New Orleans is on my bucket list!) Many festivities going on here in London: live music, parade, check the programme out here

Pancake day: 

Everyone loves pancakes, there’s no real need to have a special day to remind us of that, but it is nice to have a day to celebrate this simple, comforting, gourmet food. Either sweet or savory, with cheese and ham, chocolate spread or jam…I love it all and so do you.

Valentine Day:

Happy Valentine’s day! This year, with a twist: the 14th of February is the day people most explicitly go about showing the love and affection they feel for their partners. I suggest on this occasion for a change, take a little more care about you. And a little more each day after that. Love starts with you, first and foremost. Celebrate self-love, find out what you like, what you want by finding and appreciating love for yourself with which you will be able to connect to and love others. Stop waiting for roses and chocolate, start loving yourself and the rest will follow!

Chinese New year :

Chinese New Year is approaching fast.

16th of February, and it’s the Year of the Dog.

I can’t wait for this, there will be a lot of festivities taking place in Chinatown in London. Parades and cultural activities will be held at Trafalgar and also at Leicester Square. Find out more here

This is what to love about February. Share what your love of this month is about.

January Detox

A new year is ahead, so new opportunities for you! January is the first month of the year and we all want start over! Healthy Detox is what the majority of people will start with, quitting the bad habits that we gathered over Christmas, switching to a more wholesome diet regiment, getting a new membership at the local gym etc…

But Detox is not only about what you put in ur body but also decluttering your home and your head. A great way to get to it is with something like a big spring cleaning, getting rid of chemicals, electric cables that you don’t use sorting out garage and in one fell swoop, cleaning our minds, controlling our minds, stress levels, and anxiety. Detoxification is also about resting, cleansing and nourishing the body from the inside out.

Here are some great tips for the January 2018 detox.


Starting the new year can be stressful, yes we all agree that we raise our bars up by putting a lot of pressure to achieve our first month’s goals and quite often we feel like we are failing on our first week because of the stress and the anxiety caused our changing habits. Once your body gets into a state of chronic stress, your body starts using up your progesterone and transforms it into cortisol, the stress hormone. When we face stress this where we wanna eat more comfort food full of carbohydrates and sugar. So this is where meditation comes in.

Meditation creates/restores your calm and inner peace. Every morning: I’ll do 15 min of meditation before going to work.

Find a quiet place, sit or lie down close your eyes and take some deep breaths, follow your breath and observe your thoughts till they disappear. With meditation you will sleep better, stress less and focus on the present more.

Meditation in Reunion island
Meditation in Reunion island


Christmas, new year, decadence, crêpes days.. December is overloaded with food, cakes, chocolate and booze. It is so good to enjoy all of that and so hard to break the habits after all the indulgence. But bad habits can make us gain weight, bloat, continue an unhealthy lifestyle and we surely don’t want that.

Detox the body by drinking lots of water. Lemon water and apple cider vinegar are great to start the day. Bring more greens in your meals: kale, brussels sprouts, lettuce, beetroot, carrots and ginger are great for an early smoothie breakfast,

Chicken, Fish are great source of protein, and healthy fat.


Exercise is very important part of the detox. We need to sweat. When we sweat, we relieve the stress hormone called cortisol! So you got to Sweat Ladies and Gents! Boxing and jogging 3 times a week are the best cure ever, guys, no doubt about it. But is up to you on that one, just do what u love. Yoga,Swim, walk … anything, just move yourself from that comfy sofa!

Yoga headstand
Yoga Headstand


Come on put your sleeves up and let’s get to work!

Start with your bed. Change and clean your sheets, put fresh ones on, open the windows whatever the weather is like! Get rid of the things that u don’t use, those clothes that you never wear, these cookery book that you never open!

Switch these chemicals full of pesticides for the bicarb of soda or vinegar spray or fresh lemon juice.

Try to minimise electronic pollution radiation.

Cleaning chemicals under the sink

The home environment is vital for your health and well being. Especially if you want to start the year fresh. So detox your home, body and mind welcome the new year with open arms.

2018 is Yours!

Surprised and nearly choked on the anti-resolution campaign with which people are welcoming the New Year on social media. The pessimistic anti-resolution maker will always try to put you in a box. Their own box. They think that resolutions don’t work.

Goals, intentions or resolutions do work if you consistently pursue hitting your target every day, by having faith in yourself and in your aim. And if it doesn’t work at first, stand back up and go again.

I believe that every new day gives you a chance to make it better so why not every New Year?

At the end of each year I review the achievements that I made over the past 12 months and start to focus on the new year that’s ahead, integrating the lessons that I learned, taking one step after another towards the goal every day. It doesn’t matter what methods you use and how fast you do it, the most important is to keep moving forward. The new year and the new you is real, you are the one who has to make it happen.

If you work hard and stay focused, 2018 will be yours.

So go on now, take a notepad and write down your 2 to 5 goals for this year and lets start working towards it. Believe you can do it. Don’t let there be a single doubt in your mind.

You are the only one who can make it happen. Be more social, surround yourself with positive friends, count your blessings, have fun, laugh. Your life can change in a second. Lets work on it together, let’s make it happen by being optimistic, happy and stress free.

Grab life by the ass and show it you can do it!

I believe in you and so should you.


So are you ready to challenge yourself? Happy NEW YOU? Do you feel like 2018 is going to be yours?


Start now!

2018 is yours
2018 is yours
Happy new year

Farewell 2017


2017, what an incredible year! I cannot believe it is over already. A few days ago I sat back and meditated. When I opened my eyes, it dawned on me what a year I had.

So many achievements, I have a hard time believing it myself because I’m so stuck on the things that I didn’t have a chance to finish..

Here are the things I managed to cross of my list for 2017:

-Go on a cruise before turning 30

-Start the blog

-Celebrate 30th birthday at home with the family

-Cut off the negative people in my life

-Move to the Big City

-Get a new job

-Celebrate the New Year in London

-Take Mom for her first visit across Europe

-Visit Scotland

There were so many ups and downs. I was very disappointed with failing the driving test 3 times, I hated my job and I was frustrated by not quite being able to reach my dream weight of 54kg.

Never mind that now!

If you focus on the good, the good gets better. It is without pride, but with much joy and determination that I say goodbye to 2017.

Tonight I’m raising my glass to ambition and hope for 2018.

Happy New Year to you all!

Happy new year
Happy new year

It’s Christmas (Have it your way)

Christmas is the annual polarizing few days that everyone is looking forward to – either to arrive with all its glitter and glory or just to be over…

The 2 supposedly most amazing days of the year when everyone is getting busy with X-mas shopping, spending hours in the kitchen to prepare a feast to their loved ones and on the other hand, it can be the darkest time of the year for those in mourning, those who are sleeping rough, or plain and simple, alone.

At Christmas everyone is getting emotional and overwhelmed, sometimes even those who are telling you that they are a bah humbug.

There is something magical about it, the Universe is connecting everyone to each other to be more grateful, more social, spread more love and joy. Precisely this may make some apprehensive about the holiday season, but I believe no one should let circumstance turn it into black magic.

Here are a few thoughts on why not to cry at Christmas, even if you are to celebrate it in an unconventional manner.

I am always reconnecting with some family that I haven’t talked for years, just to wish them a merry Christmas which makes it special, no matter what.

In 2017, some friends and family invited me to join them at Christmas. But this time I decided to take my 3 days off for myself because there is nothing wrong with that. Yep, I was on my own for Christmas – by choice.

I am not gonna lie, it felt very strange for me to not be in the kitchen for hours and prepare hundreds of biscuits but it was actually nice to do nothing.

Spending Christmas solo is not boring, or sad!

Make it fun for you, do what makes you happy. You are the only one who knows what you really like, right? So invest in yourself and embrace it.

Here’s how I spent Christmas in 2017

1.Planned ahead

You definitely don’t want to leave your grocery shopping for the last minute. Shops and supermarkets are closing earlier on Christmas Eve. There is a Bank holiday on Christmas Day so make sure you make a list and write down what you need.

2.Favourite movies / music

I watched a lot of my favourite holiday movies. From romantic comedies to Christmas movies, the list is long. And yes, I do love some classics like Home Alone or Love Actually! I watch the great old classic with Eddie Murphy coming to America, it always makes me chuckle. I played some great music that I love, from Jazz to Soca. With no one watching me, I even bust out some moves in my living room.

3.Simple food are the best

I made my own pizza from scratch. I made my own dough and made an awesome pizza a la Lindsay, with some sautéd potatoes, beef meatballs and ricotta.. so good. I made some fried chicken wings and Creole rice as I was back to Reunion but of course it would have been better if it was cooked on a BBQ, but can’t have everything.

Feel free to cook what you want! Make a feast. If u want a roast chicken or lamb, just do it. Everyone is different, cook whatever you like.

4. Pamper yourself

That’s my favourite thing when I’m taking time for myself. I made my own pedicure, had a bath, made my own facial .Learn to take time for yourself and enjoy it.

5.Outdoors pause

Step outside if you are bored, go for a jog or nice walk, go an enjoy some fresh air. I went to skip for about 20 min in the morning it was nice and quiet. Give yourself a chance to reconnect with the Universe , take some deep breaths, and feel the energy flowing around you.

Spending Christmas with my self has taught me that I am my own best friend, that I know myself and I know what I like. It’s a great way to reconnect with yourself and being grateful for the life you have.

This was truly one of the most peaceful holidays I ever had. No obligations, no compulsory visits to places where I didn’t want to be. This year, Christmas was everything I wanted it to be.

Have you ever spent Christmas alone? What are your thoughts on it? Did you like it? Hate it? Let me know down below.


Molton Brown ! Molton Who?

Molton who? She says…

Well, let’s talk about it. Molton Brown is an Iconic a la British Brand offering a wide variety of luxury products. From skincare to candles, the choices are endless. I have been in love with their products for years.

Last week I did some Christmas shopping with my friend when I come across the Molton Brown shop and this is where my friend asked me who Molton Brown was? She certainly was not inspired by the range of bath and shower gels, perfumes and candles.

She was like “£20.00 for a shower gel? No way!”

Molton Brown
Molton Brown


Well I decided to try their new, limited edition Vintage with Elderflower.

I must admit, I wasn’t impressed either.

Gold and sparkle looking good on the bottle, I decided to treat myself on Christmas Day with nice festive ‘bauble’ bath. I had everything ready: bath, salt and a glass of white wine and some candles going.

At first I thought it had a nice smell of citrus, but the aroma was gone very quickly and so were the bubbles. I was left with nothing in the bath and just kept adding the bath gel in the water and it kept disappearing.

Normally I use the eucalyptus or gingerlilly bath gel after which my skin is left with a great lasting scent. I feel relaxed and revived in the tub full of lovely fragrance. But this one, Vintage with Eldelflower, made specially for Christmas, is not great value at all.

Sorry Molton Brown, you ain’t got me hooked on that one.


Have you used Molton Brown before? What’s your favourite? Have you tried the new Christmas vintage one? Let me know what you think!

Chai Latte

It is that time of the year where you have to sit back and relax.So drop your guard and make some space for the hygge  season.I have been craving all sort of food and drinks lately but my favourite of all is that chai latte.

I am sure some of you knows exactly what I am talking about right? and if some of you doesn’t known yet ,keep scrolling you about to find out.Chai latte, hot chocolate and all these syrup latte come at a cost anywhere you go so don’t go to the coffee shop for a latte instead make one.

Chai Latte is an actual authentic popular Indian hot beverage ,compare to Starbucks or Costa coffee shop the real chai latte doesn’t come as a syrup but only ground spices ,a mix of ginger, cloves,cinnamon,black pepper star anise…Drop few black tea bags as Assam or Darjeeling add some milk  and there you have it.Chai latte ready in less than 8 minutes ! No need to spend £4 for a regular size of chai latte ,So what you said? humm ! Cup of chai latte coming right up!

Here is my recipe:

Chai latte:

  •  1/3 of black pepper
  • Liquorice ( if some of you love it)
  • Nutmeg
  • Vanilla pod
  • Cloves
  • 2 Black tea
  • 2 cup of water
  • 3/4 cup of milk
  • Agave syrup or honey

I used ground spices as below please feel free to decrease the ginger or black pepper as we all know they are quite strong taste.Also feel free to blend the mix spices if you want to and Store in an airtight plastic bag or glass jar.

  1. In a small saucepan, place water, tea bags, and 2 tablespoons chai spice mix. Bring to a boil; put the lid on, remove from heat, and let it steep for 5 minutes.
  2. Remove the tea bags and stir. Strain in to a cup
  3. Bring to boil the milk and your favourite sweetener add a pinch of cinnamon ,stir well.
  4. Remove from the heat when the milk start to be frothy .Pour half of the milk to the tea
  5. Sprinkle some more cinnamon on top

Sit back and relax








5 things that inspired me!

Life is a journey with obstacles, it is up to you to take control of how you react to events in your life. And this is where Inspiration comes in. We’ve all been through something really tough to overcome, but we got to keep moving forward. Inspiration and Motivation are fundamentally the same to me: Ideas Flowing so Take Action.

Today I decided to introduce you 5 things that inspired me.


1: Setting the goal

Write down your goal.

Writing down my goal certainly has a big impact on my life. It adds excitement, discipline, motivation to an everyday routine. So go and jot down your goal, you’ll be surprised by the result. This one small method can lead to a radical change of aspects.


2: Possibilities : Yes, I can

“The one who says “yes I can” is usually the one who gets the job and succeeds.” Alan Cohen.

Possibilities are tricky, the way they are hidden in every circumstances. You are the one who got the key to open them. For a long time I wanted to take boxing lessons, but I was shy, embarrassed to go to a gym class. Untill the point when I decided to take the risk and chose the place. The boxing club was packed with big muscular men, professional boxers. My first task was to skip, and I couldn’t, my boobies and my booty were jiggling and it was embarrassing. But I managed to step out of my comfort zone, lose 7 kg and I never felt better. Possibilities are endless, go and make it happen. Say it out loud with me and be proud: Yes I can.

Boxing results in 6 months boxing
Boxing result in 6 months boxing

Have a look on the link below where I train hard 3 times a week . 


3: Travel

When I feel stuck, I need to go away for a few days. Travelling is one of the best inspirations ever. It changes your perspective on life. Whether it is a beach escape, city break or a retreat you reconnect automatically with who you are. Travelling is surprising, a great way to come back stronger, fearless, and inspired. It’s certainly works for me.

4: Cooking

Cooking is great way for me to get inspired. I love being in the kitchen and create something new. Cooking is where I have no worries. All my focus, patience and passion connect.

5: Pinterest

Technology has never been better. We are living in a world where the internet is making revolutionary shifts. All these apps and social media are fascinating. Pinterest is one of my favourites, when I need some ideas that is where I’ll go. Home design or positive quotes, fashion tips… What else to ask for? This is my Pinterest if you want to follow my board.

This is the way I get inspired!

what about you? How do you get inspired?