About Me

Hello guys!

Massive thank you to you if are here checking my blog

I’m Lindsay, a carribean girl on an English adventure

It is hard for me to describe myself but I will try my best.
I think I’m a bit a shy and get intimidated really easily. But if you are patient with me u get tired of me talking…
For the last few years I was struggling with stress, anxiety and excess weight. Then in 2016 I decided to make changes in my life. A positive wave made me a more optimistic person, living and eating healthily. I learned and keep on realizing that hate and negativity won’t help anyone.
I am from Reunion Island: a lovely corner of the planet made of mountains, volcanoes, beaches and cocktails. Sound good, innit?
In 2008 I decided to say goodbye to it to become an adventurer. I dropped my luggage in the UK where I’m still living.
I’m a traveller, a dreamer, a breakfast lover with a French touch. I believe that amazing things can happen everyday. I want to make a difference in the world, so I’ll fill these pages with surprising discoveries.

Oh yes I forget, I love cakes and reggae music. I don’t know why i had to mention that actually, oh well that’s me.

I’m so happy you found me

and I hope that you stay a while!

Thank You


  1. Jon Hancock

    That’s awesome Lindsey the world needs more people like you ,to spread a bit of sunshine love and happiness. It’s true if we think positive things change for the better 😊


    1. Lindsay

      We are here to serve the society and make the world better.Thank you so much.


  2. Rudy

    Hello my friend!!! I would likz tell you that I love your blog !!!


    1. Lindsay

      Thank you so much rudy,I’m really please with your comment.Thank you!


  3. Karlos

    Hello My Friend !! Aparksa ?? !!!
    Love it !! Continu comme ça, Pou Lamour Pou la Paix Pou Larmonie !! tiembo Larg pa !! Tu fé cuit bon manger TÉ !! La Rényon Lé la Frynka !!!


    1. Lindsay

      Merci beaucoup karlos,au plaisir.Keep the Optimistic mind flowing!


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