About me

Hello guys!

Massive thank you to you if are here checking my blog

I’m Lindsay,

It is hard for me to describe myself but I will try my best.
I think I’m a bit a shy and get intimidated really easily. But if you are patient with me u get tired of me talking…
For the last few years I was struggling with stress, anxiety and excess weight. Then in 2016 I decided to make changes in my life. A positive wave made me a more optimistic person, living and eating healthily. I learned and keep on realizing that hate and negativity won’t help anyone. I love exploring new places, learning about different cultures and new languages.
I am from Reunion Island: a lovely corner of the planet made of mountains, volcanoes, beaches and cocktails. Sound good, innit?
In 2008 I decided to say goodbye to it to become an adventurer. I dropped my luggage in the UK where I’m still living.
I’m a traveller, a dreamer, a breakfast lover with a French touch. I believe that amazing things can happen everyday. I want to make a difference in the world, so I’ll fill these pages with surprising discoveries.

Oh yes I forget, I love cakes and reggae music. I don’t know why i had to mention that actually, oh well that’s me.

I’m so happy you found me

and I hope that you stay a while!

Thank You