January Detox

A new year is ahead, so new opportunities for you! January is the first month of the year and we all want start over! Healthy Detox is what the majority of people will start with, quitting the bad habits that we gathered over Christmas, switching to a more wholesome diet regiment, getting a new membership at the local gym etc…

But Detox is not only about what you put in ur body but also decluttering your home and your head. A great way to get to it is with something like a big spring cleaning, getting rid of chemicals, electric cables that you don’t use sorting out garage and in one fell swoop, cleaning our minds, controlling our minds, stress levels, and anxiety. Detoxification is also about resting, cleansing and nourishing the body from the inside out.

Here are some great tips for the January 2018 detox.


Starting the new year can be stressful, yes we all agree that we raise our bars up by putting a lot of pressure to achieve our first month’s goals and quite often we feel like we are failing on our first week because of the stress and the anxiety caused our changing habits. Once your body gets into a state of chronic stress, your body starts using up your progesterone and transforms it into cortisol, the stress hormone. When we face stress this where we wanna eat more comfort food full of carbohydrates and sugar. So this is where meditation comes in.

Meditation creates/restores your calm and inner peace. Every morning: I’ll do 15 min of meditation before going to work.

Find a quiet place, sit or lie down close your eyes and take some deep breaths, follow your breath and observe your thoughts till they disappear. With meditation you will sleep better, stress less and focus on the present more.

Meditation in Reunion island
Meditation in Reunion island


Christmas, new year, decadence, crêpes days.. December is overloaded with food, cakes, chocolate and booze. It is so good to enjoy all of that and so hard to break the habits after all the indulgence. But bad habits can make us gain weight, bloat, continue an unhealthy lifestyle and we surely don’t want that.

Detox the body by drinking lots of water. Lemon water and apple cider vinegar are great to start the day. Bring more greens in your meals: kale, brussels sprouts, lettuce, beetroot, carrots and ginger are great for an early smoothie breakfast,

Chicken, Fish are great source of protein, and healthy fat.


Exercise is very important part of the detox. We need to sweat. When we sweat, we relieve the stress hormone called cortisol! So you got to Sweat Ladies and Gents! Boxing and jogging 3 times a week are the best cure ever, guys, no doubt about it. But is up to you on that one, just do what u love. Yoga,Swim, walk … anything, just move yourself from that comfy sofa!

Yoga headstand
Yoga Headstand


Come on put your sleeves up and let’s get to work!

Start with your bed. Change and clean your sheets, put fresh ones on, open the windows whatever the weather is like! Get rid of the things that u don’t use, those clothes that you never wear, these cookery book that you never open!

Switch these chemicals full of pesticides for the bicarb of soda or vinegar spray or fresh lemon juice.

Try to minimise electronic pollution radiation.

Cleaning chemicals under the sink

The home environment is vital for your health and well being. Especially if you want to start the year fresh. So detox your home, body and mind welcome the new year with open arms.

2018 is Yours!

Surprised and nearly choked on the anti-resolution campaign with which people are welcoming the New Year on social media. The pessimistic anti-resolution maker will always try to put you in a box. Their own box. They think that resolutions don’t work.

Goals, intentions or resolutions do work if you consistently pursue hitting your target every day, by having faith in yourself and in your aim. And if it doesn’t work at first, stand back up and go again.

I believe that every new day gives you a chance to make it better so why not every New Year?

At the end of each year I review the achievements that I made over the past 12 months and start to focus on the new year that’s ahead, integrating the lessons that I learned, taking one step after another towards the goal every day. It doesn’t matter what methods you use and how fast you do it, the most important is to keep moving forward. The new year and the new you is real, you are the one who has to make it happen.

If you work hard and stay focused, 2018 will be yours.

So go on now, take a notepad and write down your 2 to 5 goals for this year and lets start working towards it. Believe you can do it. Don’t let there be a single doubt in your mind.

You are the only one who can make it happen. Be more social, surround yourself with positive friends, count your blessings, have fun, laugh. Your life can change in a second. Lets work on it together, let’s make it happen by being optimistic, happy and stress free.

Grab life by the ass and show it you can do it!

I believe in you and so should you.


So are you ready to challenge yourself? Happy NEW YOU? Do you feel like 2018 is going to be yours?


Start now!

2018 is yours
2018 is yours
Happy new year

Farewell 2017


2017, what an incredible year! I cannot believe it is over already. A few days ago I sat back and meditated. When I opened my eyes, it dawned on me what a year I had.

So many achievements, I have a hard time believing it myself because I’m so stuck on the things that I didn’t have a chance to finish..

Here are the things I managed to cross of my list for 2017:

-Go on a cruise before turning 30

-Start the blog

-Celebrate 30th birthday at home with the family

-Cut off the negative people in my life

-Move to the Big City

-Get a new job

-Celebrate the New Year in London

-Take Mom for her first visit across Europe

-Visit Scotland

There were so many ups and downs. I was very disappointed with failing the driving test 3 times, I hated my job and I was frustrated by not quite being able to reach my dream weight of 54kg.

Never mind that now!

If you focus on the good, the good gets better. It is without pride, but with much joy and determination that I say goodbye to 2017.

Tonight I’m raising my glass to ambition and hope for 2018.

Happy New Year to you all!

Happy new year
Happy new year