Raw Cocoa Hot Chocolate

Winter rhythm with hot chocolate and pj’s all day.

And pjs all day also means Netflix and chill. I love these nice and warm winter days. After my trip to St Lucia last year, I managed to bring back some raw cocoa with me.

St Lucia is one of the top destination for chocolate lovers. Cocoa plantation and a world heritage, St Lucia has been a cocoa producer for centuries.

Raw Cocoa is very strong, rich and flavourful.

Here is a the recipe for perfect Chantilly coco:

                        Ingredients for the cream:

·       150 ml double cream

·       2 tsp powdered sugar

·       a drop of vanilla extract

·       1tbsp of natural coconut aroma

Ingredients for the hot chocolate:

·       Hot water

·       1/2tbsp of raw cocoa

·       1tbsp of brown sugar or honey

·       whole milk

Combine all the ingredients for the coco Chantilly in a bowl and beat the cream until you get fluffy stiff peak on the whisk. Leave in the fridge.

Boiled water add cocoa and sugar and stir with a spoon.

Filter in the mug of your choice. Add desired amount of hot milk .

Add the Chantilly cream on top of the hot chocolate, sprinkle a little of chocolate on top and enjoy with a nice piece of cake .

What’s your favourite hot chocolate drink? marshmallow ? any syrup? share with me your ideas and tips…

Hot cocoa
Hot cocoa

It’s Christmas (Have it your way)

Christmas is the annual polarizing few days that everyone is looking forward to – either to arrive with all its glitter and glory or just to be over…

The 2 supposedly most amazing days of the year when everyone is getting busy with X-mas shopping, spending hours in the kitchen to prepare a feast to their loved ones and on the other hand, it can be the darkest time of the year for those in mourning, those who are sleeping rough, or plain and simple, alone.

At Christmas everyone is getting emotional and overwhelmed, sometimes even those who are telling you that they are a bah humbug.

There is something magical about it, the Universe is connecting everyone to each other to be more grateful, more social, spread more love and joy. Precisely this may make some apprehensive about the holiday season, but I believe no one should let circumstance turn it into black magic.

Here are a few thoughts on why not to cry at Christmas, even if you are to celebrate it in an unconventional manner.

I am always reconnecting with some family that I haven’t talked for years, just to wish them a merry Christmas which makes it special, no matter what.

In 2017, some friends and family invited me to join them at Christmas. But this time I decided to take my 3 days off for myself because there is nothing wrong with that. Yep, I was on my own for Christmas – by choice.

I am not gonna lie, it felt very strange for me to not be in the kitchen for hours and prepare hundreds of biscuits but it was actually nice to do nothing.

Spending Christmas solo is not boring, or sad!

Make it fun for you, do what makes you happy. You are the only one who knows what you really like, right? So invest in yourself and embrace it.

Here’s how I spent Christmas in 2017

1.Planned ahead

You definitely don’t want to leave your grocery shopping for the last minute. Shops and supermarkets are closing earlier on Christmas Eve. There is a Bank holiday on Christmas Day so make sure you make a list and write down what you need.

2.Favourite movies / music

I watched a lot of my favourite holiday movies. From romantic comedies to Christmas movies, the list is long. And yes, I do love some classics like Home Alone or Love Actually! I watch the great old classic with Eddie Murphy coming to America, it always makes me chuckle. I played some great music that I love, from Jazz to Soca. With no one watching me, I even bust out some moves in my living room.

3.Simple food are the best

I made my own pizza from scratch. I made my own dough and made an awesome pizza a la Lindsay, with some sautéd potatoes, beef meatballs and ricotta.. so good. I made some fried chicken wings and Creole rice as I was back to Reunion but of course it would have been better if it was cooked on a BBQ, but can’t have everything.

Feel free to cook what you want! Make a feast. If u want a roast chicken or lamb, just do it. Everyone is different, cook whatever you like.

4. Pamper yourself

That’s my favourite thing when I’m taking time for myself. I made my own pedicure, had a bath, made my own facial .Learn to take time for yourself and enjoy it.

5.Outdoors pause

Step outside if you are bored, go for a jog or nice walk, go an enjoy some fresh air. I went to skip for about 20 min in the morning it was nice and quiet. Give yourself a chance to reconnect with the Universe , take some deep breaths, and feel the energy flowing around you.

Spending Christmas with my self has taught me that I am my own best friend, that I know myself and I know what I like. It’s a great way to reconnect with yourself and being grateful for the life you have.

This was truly one of the most peaceful holidays I ever had. No obligations, no compulsory visits to places where I didn’t want to be. This year, Christmas was everything I wanted it to be.

Have you ever spent Christmas alone? What are your thoughts on it? Did you like it? Hate it? Let me know down below.


Mulled Wine

Spices! Spices everywhere! Cakes, Biscuits, mulled wine and chocolate. Heuuu, mulled wine, anyone?
What’s Christmas without a glass of mulled wine? I love getting cosy with a great mug of mulled wine. Smells good, tastes good and it is comforting to your heart. What’s not to like?

It’s 12 degrees in London and is raining outside.. Well I guess it’s not a surprise, is it? It’s cold and even the thermostat doesn’t like what it’s showing.

Mulled wine
Mulled wine

That’s when homemade mulled wine comes into the picture.

Mulled wine is something unusual for me, see, don’t forget I am an Island Girl. Back home we drink Rum, oh yeah, and a lot of it…But on my first trip to Paris, Montmartre is where I discovered the fragrance and the taste of vin chaud. Yeah I said it’s Vin chaud, sorry guys! It just feels natural to call it that.

Vin chaud is easy to come across the Christmas markets of France and countries all over Europe. It started to be famous in the UK as well but we all know that it is a European delicacy.

The smell of cinnamon evokes the festive season, all you have to do is warm the wine on the stove and stir in the brown sugar till it melts. Then just drop in the mulling items: orange, cinnamon, anise, cloves, ginger, apple and wait a bit. Just be patient! Only a few more minutes…When it’s ready, serve it in glass mugs.

Mulled wine
Mulled wine


Molton Brown ! Molton Who?

Molton who? She says…

Well, let’s talk about it. Molton Brown is an Iconic a la British Brand offering a wide variety of luxury products. From skincare to candles, the choices are endless. I have been in love with their products for years.

Last week I did some Christmas shopping with my friend when I come across the Molton Brown shop and this is where my friend asked me who Molton Brown was? She certainly was not inspired by the range of bath and shower gels, perfumes and candles.

She was like “£20.00 for a shower gel? No way!”

Molton Brown
Molton Brown


Well I decided to try their new, limited edition Vintage with Elderflower.

I must admit, I wasn’t impressed either.

Gold and sparkle looking good on the bottle, I decided to treat myself on Christmas Day with nice festive ‘bauble’ bath. I had everything ready: bath, salt and a glass of white wine and some candles going.

At first I thought it had a nice smell of citrus, but the aroma was gone very quickly and so were the bubbles. I was left with nothing in the bath and just kept adding the bath gel in the water and it kept disappearing.

Normally I use the eucalyptus or gingerlilly bath gel after which my skin is left with a great lasting scent. I feel relaxed and revived in the tub full of lovely fragrance. But this one, Vintage with Eldelflower, made specially for Christmas, is not great value at all.

Sorry Molton Brown, you ain’t got me hooked on that one.


Have you used Molton Brown before? What’s your favourite? Have you tried the new Christmas vintage one? Let me know what you think!

Chai Latte

It is that time of the year where you have to sit back and relax.So drop your guard and make some space for the hygge  season.I have been craving all sort of food and drinks lately but my favourite of all is that chai latte.

I am sure some of you knows exactly what I am talking about right? and if some of you doesn’t known yet ,keep scrolling you about to find out.Chai latte, hot chocolate and all these syrup latte come at a cost anywhere you go so don’t go to the coffee shop for a latte instead make one.

Chai Latte is an actual authentic popular Indian hot beverage ,compare to Starbucks or Costa coffee shop the real chai latte doesn’t come as a syrup but only ground spices ,a mix of ginger, cloves,cinnamon,black pepper star anise…Drop few black tea bags as Assam or Darjeeling add some milk  and there you have it.Chai latte ready in less than 8 minutes ! No need to spend £4 for a regular size of chai latte ,So what you said? humm ! Cup of chai latte coming right up!

Here is my recipe:

Chai latte:

  •  1/3 of black pepper
  • Liquorice ( if some of you love it)
  • Nutmeg
  • Vanilla pod
  • Cloves
  • 2 Black tea
  • 2 cup of water
  • 3/4 cup of milk
  • Agave syrup or honey

I used ground spices as below please feel free to decrease the ginger or black pepper as we all know they are quite strong taste.Also feel free to blend the mix spices if you want to and Store in an airtight plastic bag or glass jar.

  1. In a small saucepan, place water, tea bags, and 2 tablespoons chai spice mix. Bring to a boil; put the lid on, remove from heat, and let it steep for 5 minutes.
  2. Remove the tea bags and stir. Strain in to a cup
  3. Bring to boil the milk and your favourite sweetener add a pinch of cinnamon ,stir well.
  4. Remove from the heat when the milk start to be frothy .Pour half of the milk to the tea
  5. Sprinkle some more cinnamon on top

Sit back and relax