5 things that inspired me!

Life is a journey with obstacles, it is up to you to take control of how you react to events in your life. And this is where Inspiration comes in. We’ve all been through something really tough to overcome, but we got to keep moving forward. Inspiration and Motivation are fundamentally the same to me: Ideas Flowing so Take Action.

Today I decided to introduce you 5 things that inspired me.


1: Setting the goal

Write down your goal.

Writing down my goal certainly has a big impact on my life. It adds excitement, discipline, motivation to an everyday routine. So go and jot down your goal, you’ll be surprised by the result. This one small method can lead to a radical change of aspects.


2: Possibilities : Yes, I can

“The one who says “yes I can” is usually the one who gets the job and succeeds.” Alan Cohen.

Possibilities are tricky, the way they are hidden in every circumstances. You are the one who got the key to open them. For a long time I wanted to take boxing lessons, but I was shy, embarrassed to go to a gym class. Untill the point when I decided to take the risk and chose the place. The boxing club was packed with big muscular men, professional boxers. My first task was to skip, and I couldn’t, my boobies and my booty were jiggling and it was embarrassing. But I managed to step out of my comfort zone, lose 7 kg and I never felt better. Possibilities are endless, go and make it happen. Say it out loud with me and be proud: Yes I can.

Boxing results in 6 months boxing
Boxing result in 6 months boxing

Have a look on the link below where I train hard 3 times a week .



3: Travel

When I feel stuck, I need to go away for a few days. Travelling is one of the best inspirations ever. It changes your perspective on life. Whether it is a beach escape, city break or a retreat you reconnect automatically with who you are. Travelling is surprising, a great way to come back stronger, fearless, and inspired. It’s certainly works for me.

4: Cooking

Cooking is great way for me to get inspired. I love being in the kitchen and create something new. Cooking is where I have no worries. All my focus, patience and passion connect.

5: Pinterest

Technology has never been better. We are living in a world where the internet is making revolutionary shifts. All these apps and social media are fascinating. Pinterest is one of my favourites, when I need some ideas that is where I’ll go. Home design or positive quotes, fashion tips… What else to ask for? This is my Pinterest if you want to follow my board.


This is the way I get inspired!

what about you? How do you get inspired?


S.O.S Dry Hair

Winter season is here and we all know we need that extra care for our hair, skin and body. Stubborn and lazy me, I never listen to the great tips and I end up with drier scalp, split ends, tangled and frizzy hair.

Renee Furtherer mask
Rene Furterer mask

Sooooo I had enough, obviously, fighting with my own hair every morning and having headaches after intense combing. If you want to avoid that hassle, I totally recommend you to follow this 6 tips for winterize your curly hair that I find pretty helpful


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Renee Furtherer Mask
Rene Furterer Mask